Introducing Eye-Controlled Scrolling

Athena is the first eye-controlled user interface for mobile, that requires no additional hardware or personalized calibration. Athena makes digital devices more accessible and natural to operate. Eye-controlled scrolling is just the beginning!

See How Athena Works

The first application of Athena’s Eye-controlled scrolling is built as a Safari Web Extension
as well as a Share Extension for iPhone and iPad.

Try it Today

Athena Eye Control is now available on iPhone for free.

Athena Adapts Your Reading Behavior

It automatically scrolls text when you read an article on your mobile phone!

Main Features

Athena's AI and machine learning-based App detects when, where, and how fast you are reading and automatically scrolls accordingly. This all-software solution is compatible with:

  • Safari
  • Apple News App
  • Apple Stocks App
  • 3rd Party Apps

What Our Users Are Saying

Athena Eye Gesture Saas Solutions

Athena’s SDK provides a powerful new tool for developers to enable prebuilt eye control UI elements right into your own apps.

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